Discover your authentic nature with tangible, actionable tools for living your life by design.

Living life as your most authentic self is getting back to who you are at your core...before all of the conditioning from the world set in. Before your family, friends, and society at large told you you should be this way or that way. Or that you weren't good enough in some way so you should change. Being authentic is stripping away all of that, remembering who you are, and loving yourself unabashedly. This is when big shifts happen in life...when we become magnetic to all that our soul desires. This is Authentic Living.


I am growing and evolving, trying to be the most authentic version of myself.

My healing journey started a few years back when I was working as a hair / makeup / photo stylist. Like so many of us, I developed an autoimmune disease and had to take some time off to focus on my health.

As the story goes, after seeing multiple conventional doctors and coming up empty with solutions I was comfortable with, I finally found a couple of amazing health practitioners who got me on a strong healing path. That physical healing journey, coupled with a fantastic therapist who helped me heal emotionally, led me to discover a new spiritual journey that has opened up my eyes to the beauty that is available for all of us…if we can just learn to truly love ourselves and understand how worthy we are, just because we are alive.

The modalities that I offer are ones that have made the biggest impact on my healing journey. Bach Flower Remedies have accelerated my healing process by helping me transmute some of my negative emotions into a self-compassion and love that I didn’t know was possible. Human Design has helped me understand how to create more flow and ease in my life, and has given me permission to follow what truly makes me happy! What an amazing gift. Feng Shui opened me to the concept that energy that flows into our homes can affect every aspect of our lives. It has been a game-changer in helping me curate my living space so that it feels energized and balanced. I hope one or more of these offerings can help you on your journey as well.

The personalization involved makes these flower remedies so special! Knowing that each component was hand-selected based on my specific needs made me optimistic from the start, and then once I actually started taking the remedy, I very quickly started to see real results, including reduced anxiety and depression and a brighter outlook on life.
Amy S.
I just have to say again how grateful I am for your flower essence remedies. I’m sometimes amazed at how calm and confident I feel with this huge career shift. Thank you, friend.
Rebeka D.
My human design reading with Angela was my first deep dive into human design and I was so blown away by how accurate all of the messages & information was! I was new to human design, so Angela took the time to explain what it is, how it works, & how I can use it in my life. It felt like she was bringing to the surface a lot of information that I knew but wasn’t efficiently using to my advantage. Also, the personalized pdf that she sends you after her reading is so adorable and informative! 
Meaghan M.
Angela is LITERALLY the human design angel, Her energy is so nurturing, sweet, caring and gentle. Her intentions are so genuine, wanting to help you learn / love more about yourself! I had a Human Design Reading with Angela and it was amazing to learn more about my empathic sensitivities, where to have more boundaries, Where to best channel my energy, My most aligned decision making processes, My creative strengths, Abundance blueprint + more! I'd encourage anyone to have a reading with Angela, especially empaths who are wanting to master their energetic system!
Jessica Reid
- Founder of the Gifted Experts Course
I really enjoyed my reading with Angela. Angela was able to explain the information and describe the qualities of my Human Design very simply to make it easy to understand. The experience was really eye opening to me, because I have recognized or thought about a lot of the qualities myself but to be able to have a source of validation really made me feel good about the reading.The qualities she described were so accurate, I was able to relate the information back to my life and personal experiences so much easier. I am glad I had this experience at my age because I know some useful tools and tips on how to live my life in the way that is best for me. Thank you, Angela for this wonderful experience!
I had a Human Design reading with Angela and I was so excited to know more about it. I highly recommend Angela because she was accommodating and she made me feel enlightened to know my authentic self. There were a lot of ”aha” moments for me and it truly resonated with my inner being.Angela gave me strategies and ways on how to handle situations which are going to be beneficial for me to function optimally. I truly appreciate her knowledge as she not only reads for you but you can also feel her beautiful energy. Thank you, Angela, for helping me understand different layers of my personality. All the best!
Joy D.
My reading with Angela was the best! She is such a skilled Human Design reader! She's thorough, knowledgeable, and gives you an in depth reading of your chart. She gives so much time and dedication to really give you a deep understanding of your design. She answered all my questions beautifully and made me feel so comfortable. I got so much clarity about myself and it gave me a better understanding and a sense of compassion for myself. She also gave me tangible and actionable tools for living by my design - now I know how to handle situations in my life with much more ease and flow. This reading was so needed for me to be able to move closer towards living my true purpose! Angela is a beautiful soul with a loving, positive, warm and joyful energy. I know exactly where to go for my next Human Design reading. Absolutely beautiful!
Felicia L.
When I first heard about human design readings from Angela, I knew I had to have one right away! The information I learned about my human design was mind blowing & so spot on with how I feel about certain things & the ways I live my daily life. Angela explained everything so beautifully. I took so many notes! Everyone should look into a reading with Angela if you want to know specific, special details about your human design. Thanks again Angela!
Ashley H.
Angela’s human design reading for me and my children was so grounding. What a gift to be able to meet those you love where they are. Angela left me feeling affirmed in who I am and better able to navigate towards the best version of myself. She has been available when I reached out for clarification many times and is always happy to answer questions. Thank you, Angela, I will be unpacking this for a while!!

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